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confront —— 法文翻译成中文 谷歌翻译 面对 0 腾讯翻译 撤退 0 yandex翻译 面对 0 其它翻译 nfl draft wholesale and retail moi toi et mon chat Une après-midi d’automne Alimentation Bien manger

了解更多关于confront的英语单词,包括定义、 同义词、 反义词、 发音。 首页 › C › confront confront 发音: US [kənˈfrʌnt] UK [kən’frʌnt 翻译到中文 英语中的定义 v. 1. (困难等)横阻在的面前 2. 使面临;使对质,使对证 3. 对照,使对比

안녕하세요! Confront basically means to go up to someone and make not of some issue someone is causing. It’s a tough word to define, but I will try my best. Let me provide an example: You are at school, and this mean guy is picking on your friend. You go up to

I confront someone when I have an issue with them. Face is often substituted and would mean the same. But I can face left or right. I can’t use confront in cases like that.|@luisenriquechm “I confronted him about his spending habits.” “I was confronted by some

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‘Sometimes I confront them with suspicions and accusations based on premonitions, not proof.’ ‘It’s not easy to confront a boss with an accusation of fraud.’ ‘Caregivers are likely to meet resistance when confronting a parent or grandparent about the safety of his

面对 Dictionary explanation vt. 面对;遭遇;比较 Web explanation confront – 面对,对垒,使面临 confront with – 使面临,使面对 confront danger – 勇敢地面对危险

4/3/2020 · confront (third-person singular simple present confronts, present participle confronting, simple past and past participle confronted) To stand or meet facing, especially in competition, hostility or defiance; to come face to face with Synonyms: oppose, challenge

湖北又称“千湖之省”,以在洞庭湖之北而得名。 今武汉周边在西周中叶属于鄂国,湖北北部有随国、古麋国、罗国等诸侯国,春秋時期这些小国全部被楚国吞并,湖北西北部的汉水流域为楚文化的发源地,中部大部分被沼泽覆盖,是历史上著名的“云梦泽”。

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Those that confront us now are as momentous as any in the past. The Duke of Lerma, infirm and enfeebled by years, was unable to confront his foes. Our eyes are shut to the damning facts which confront us on every side. We could not confront the gaze of Beauty

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中文 關注 0 書籤 0 設定 語調 速度 資訊 發音 confronting 定義 形容詞 Causing distress; upsetting. 動詞 present participle of confront. 名詞 動詞 形容詞 副詞 其它 參考書目 維基詞典 :confronting (CC BY-SA 3.0) 導覽 其他用戶也查找: celebrates eternities intine

奧托·恩斯特·雷莫(德語:Otto Ernst Remer,1912年8月18日-1997年10月4日)是德国的一名德军官员,在德國軍方主導的1944年7月20日密謀案中有决定性的作用。 战争期间他受伤九次。战争结束后,他共同创立了社會主義帝國黨(SRP),并否定納粹大屠杀的存在。他被

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DefinitionMeet (someone) face to face with hostile or argumentative intent COVID-19 NEW Speeches and Presentations Educational Animations BBC TOEIC TOEFL IELTS NEW Editor’s Choice NEW English Learning Tips Movies & TV Music

例2:I went to bed early yesterday, so I got up early this morning. 我昨晚早睡,所以我今天早上很早起。 3.thus 因此 thus跟therefore同樣是副詞,所以放在句中的時候,一樣需要加其它連接詞。 例:It is late, and thus you must go. 時間晚了,因此你該走了。

up with 用法 meet up with 翻譯 meet with meet with 中文 meet with 意思 meet with 用法 meet with 翻譯 meet 中文 meet 意思 meet 用法 meet 翻譯 認識 英文 認識某人 英文 遇見 英文 遇見某人 英文 實用英文 「How long/How much time/How many

Confrontative definition, tending toward or ready for confrontation: They came to the meeting with a confrontational attitude. See more. Think you remember last week’s words? Take this quiz on the Words of the Day from April 6–12 to find out!

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Hong Kong University Press is a major academic publisher of primarily English-language books. HKUP specializes in Asian studies: cultural studies, film and media studies, history, politics, economic development, society, and literature. We have a strong list in

to confront sb with accusation 英文 – 中文字典的翻译 显示第1。找到0句短语匹配“to confront sb with accusation”。发现在2毫秒。翻译记忆库的创建人,但电脑对齐,这可能会导致

To check whether the accused men had confessed all his crimes, the court decided to confront him with a witness. 在过去,那会让我试着更努力,为此找借口,或者甚至跟他对峙。In the past, that would have made me try harder, make excuses for it, and even

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Students confront vice-chancellor over arrests during Hong Kong protests Dailymotion 即將播放 新冠危機:德國鄉村醫生的奇招 Fitness trainer in Germany leads free balcony

延伸閱讀:範例 4 – 中文 求職信 延伸閱讀:範例 3 – 電郵格式 Look out for further updates on our Facebook fan page! Related Cover Letter Template 範例 2 – 英文求職信 (列點方式) 範例 3 – 電郵格式

98.2:: When to confront an issue, Episode 142 of Socializing101 in WEBTOON. Ever since he was young Mihai had always been intimidating and socially awkward making others avoid him. He grew up to preferring to stay within his social circle that include his

伏儀 (Fu Yi)的專輯「面對 (Confront)」在這裡,快打開 KKBOX 盡情收聽。 為了保護著作權,唱片公司提供給 KKBOX 的每一首歌曲,都有授權期限。 所以,當歌曲授權到期,你會看到這個「未授權」提示。

You need to man up and confront your boss about his behavior. The celebrity was stunned to find herself confronted with unfounded allegiations on the front page of a newspaper. Used in the Ending of Sentence Riley’s comments capture the dilemma that many.

中文 名言佳句 英文名言佳句 休閒趣味 周公解夢 腦筋急轉彎 健康經驗分享 股市相關 健康經驗分享 股市相關 每日大盤走勢 登入 中英字典對照(左右滑動可上一字下一字) confront

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take the shoddy work back to the assembly line to confront the workers的翻譯結果。 偷工減料收回對裝配線對付工人

Students confront vice-chancellor over arrests during Hong Kong protests Dailymotion 即將播放 How does coronavirus attack the body? Sky News Watch: Supermoon Rising Over Swiss Alps

Confront him What Ted said A Chance? (Q&A call) Convincing Oneself A Dream? Awkward heartbrocken Mockery My Side Disgusting Grin The BIG Q&A You are amazing Sisters Taking her out A big Sister To Flee Revenge See you again Now! He isn´t coming.

Accost definition is – to approach and speak to (someone) in an often challenging or aggressive way. How to use accost in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Domin also accosted a neighbor, according to police. — oregonlive, “Springfield man arrested after beating ‘Baby Doll,’ a dog with young puppies, police say,” 30 Mar. 2020 An anti-vaccine activist accosted Sen. Richard Pan (D

Students confront vice-chancellor over arrests during Hong Kong protests Dailymotion 即將播放 Trending in China this week: Chinese model strikes 30 poses in 15 seconds, and more

Students confront vice-chancellor over arrests during Hong Kong protests Dailymotion 即將播放 Hong Kong’s MTR Passenger Traffic Hit By Protests, Chairman Rex Auyeung Says Bloomberg Stuffed

Confrontation definition is – the act of confronting : the state of being confronted: such as. How to use confrontation in a sentence. There were several violent confrontations between rival gangs. He would prefer not to have a confrontation with the authorities. a series

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31/10/2019 · U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Washington must confront China’s Communist Party, saying it is focused on international domination. He added China is

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[Max B] [最大B] I gotta see how that thing sound but I got it 我要看看那个东西的声音,但我得到了它 I’ma come right in wit it Dipset, uh 我是一个大大方方的机智Dipset ,恩 [Chorus: repeat 2x] [合唱:重复2倍] If theres a need to confront ya babe 如果那里有一个需要面对雅宝贝

We all had our fare share of scares when we were kids. For some of us it was the Boogey Monster. For some it was the Goni Billa. Others would run away from