list of hands on careers

Engineers, at least in the states, don’t get to work with their hands. If you truly want to work with your hands, get into something like cabinet making, finish carpentry, or other trade. At this point in time you’ll probably make more money than an engineer, you’ll have

You are a sensitive person who cares deeply about other people. It’s also important to note that empaths need time to process their feelings, whether it’s work-related or in their personal lives. Being an empath isn’t easy, but there are careers that suit people with high levels of empathy. Careers

Do you dream of being an astronaut? How about a social media director or a surgeon? Maybe you wonder what it would be like to be a computer programmer, a conductor, or a car designer. Career Girls lets you explore hundreds of careers to find out what different

100 Careers for English Majors: They Do Exist (Really!) A lifelong sports fan, James found his dream job when he landed a gig as Marketing Director for a pro sports team in Baltimore. He spends his days coming up with creative ideas to promote his team and reach more fans.

It is always good to have spare hands to help in the many things that needed to be transported. The Movers may be your best friends in times of house moving