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位於英格蘭北端純樸鄉間的 University of Sunderland 是由六個學院所組成:藝術、設計和傳媒學院,商學院,計算機、工程和技術學院,教育學院,自然科學學院,人文和社科學院。 而該校教育學院的師資及評鑑成果,歷年均為英國大學之箇中翹楚。

The UK’s University of Sunderland is a well-established educational institution, with over 19,000 students worldwide. Opened in 1901, in 2017 it became the highest climber in The Guardian League Tables. The University’s first Asian campus has launched on Wyndham Street in Central, providing a range of courses with a focus on Business, Finance and Tourism as well as Human Resources and

The University of Sunderland is a university located in Sunderland in the North East of England. Its predecessor, Sunderland Technical College, was established as a municipal training college in 1901. It gained university status in 1992. It now has campuses in Sunderland, London and Hong Kong. As of 2016/17, the university

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University of Sunderland 為英國知名的大學之一,起初為技術學院,以學生的經驗、研究、國際性的名聲和與業界緊密的聯繫而聞名,曾被英國衞報評為英國最好的新大學,是一間所有學系都獲得了英國政府所頒發的Charter Mark Award的大學。

University of Sunderland 位於英格蘭北部沿海城市,英國排名 99,是因為 1992 英國教育法案而升格成為大學的理工學院之一。2012 年更成為《泰晤士報(Times)年度大學獎》六所候選大學之一,在學生滿意度上備受讚揚。

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